Outside In 30 years later

Outside In 30 years later

The award-winning film Outside In was first broadcast in 1994. 30 years later it’s still requested for festivals screenings around the world. Reflecting on Outside In 30 years later I asked, why is Outside In still of interest and why is it still relevant?

Debra Craine Chief Dance Critic, The Times once described Margaret’s films as showing us that ‘playfulness of the human spirit is the perfect meeting place of cinema and choreography’ This is Outside In.

“Celebrating 30 years, ‘Outside In' is still relevant and how important it still is. The film portrays a group of friends dancing together and the choreography showed off the talented dancers in a positive and uplifting way. It still makes me laugh when I watch it now as it is a timeless film and could inspire all dance students to be open in their practice.”

Celeste Dandeker Arnold OBE Co-founder & Patron, Former ArEsEc Director Candoco Dance Company

“Outside In set a template for new ways to think about dance and disability. It continues to serve as a forceful representation of human vitality and a positive vision of a diverse community.”

Victoria Marks Choreographer, Professor of Choreography and the Dancing Disability Lab at UCLA

“What I see when watching the film again is love, gender-equality, high quality dance/art,
the human body melting together with nature, death/life...and the traces we leave behind. The medium of film can say something you cannot in a live performance. Outside In still highlights almost all issues discussed in our lives & societies today. That is what good art can do; become timeless!”

Janne Kristensen ArEsEc Director, AssociaEon for Integrated Dance | Denmark (FIMD)

“Outside In is still relevant. It is always relevant. Outside In starts a conversation. The images linger -each a door.”

Nicola Visser Dance Artist & Teacher, Festival for Integrated Modern Dance, Copenhagen.