Margaret Williams and crew

Margaret is currently in post-production
of the film Dante Sonata
to be released in 2020

Margaret WIlliams on set of her film
Margaret Williams directing James Norton
You Cuba Film

Margaret Williams
Film Director

Margaret Williams has made many award-winning dance and music-drama films. Her respected and internationally successful work has always taken a new and original approach, with an individual creative vision at the heart of all her films.

About MJW Productions

M J W PRODUCTIONS has a long and distinguished record of producing award-winning film and television, particularly in the area of music and arts, but increasingly moving into drama and feature film. Many of their films have involved international co-productions and collaborations, and they have worked extensively with new talent.

University of California, Los Angeles

On the right, the talented and brilliant students from the LOOKING FOR THE UNSEEN course, which Margaret devised for a diverse range of students coming from a variety of programs across UCLA: anthropology; architecture; choreography; dance; design/media arts; history; geography & environmental studies; psychology and photography.

Also, the gifted movers and shakers who took the Dance for Camera Course in the World Arts & Culture/Dance department.

Margaret returns to UCLA for the Winter semester in January 2020 to teach a DANCE for CAMERA course for the fourth year running.