Margaret Williams and crew
Lessons in Love and Violence
Margaret Williams directing James Norton
You Cuba Film

Margaret Williams
Film Director

Margaret Williams has made many award-winning dance and music-drama films. Her respected and internationally successful work has always taken a new and original approach, with an individual creative vision at the heart of all her films.

About MJW Productions

M J W PRODUCTIONS has a long and distinguished record of producing award-winning film and television, particularly in the area of music and arts, but increasingly moving into drama and feature film. Many of their films have involved international co-productions and collaborations, and they have worked extensively with new talent.

The other right Jimmy!

Brilliant, funny and talented classes at UCLA for the brand-new course LOOKING FOR THE UNSEEN, that Margaret devised for students of art; architecture; choreography; dance; design; climate science and photography.

Margaret returns to UCLA for the Winter semester in January 2019 to teach LOOKING FOR THE UNSEEN again, and, for the third year running a DANCE for CAMERA course for World Arts & Culture/Dance students.